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10 Well-Kept Secrets About Curry Leaves For Hair Health Unearthed

The sages of South India left a secret magical ingredient that is now being exposed throughout the country. Want to know what it is? Read on!

Well, it’s nothing but the green plant we find in most of our South Indian friends’ homes, the Kadi Patta, also known as Curry Leaves. And what’s so special about it, you say? We’ll give you not 1 but 10 reasons.

10 Hair Care Benefits of Curry Leaves

1. Reduces impact of chemically treated hair:
The hair gets damaged due to pollution or by constant treatment with harsh chemicals. This can also lead to hair loss. If you want to reduce the impact of the above, try curry leaves for hair. They unblock the hair follicles and help them retain their natural functions of hair growth.

2. Prevents thinning of hair:
Curry leaves are excellent for preventing thinning of hair, which ultimately causes hair loss. This is because curry leaves are rich in protein and beta-carotene which help fight hair loss.

3. Anti-oxidation property:
Use curry leaves for hair growth. They have anti-oxidants which prevent the scalp from having dead follicles.

4. Curry leaves oil for dry hair:
Curry leaves are effective in the treatment of dry hair. Just warm a few curry leaves with coconut oil and let it cool down to room temperature. Massage your scalp with this mixture and leave for 30 minutes before washing off with Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Repair shampoo.

5. Curry leaves for grey hair:
If you’re starting to notice signs of premature greying, then curry leaves should be your go-to ingredient. Just warm up pure or virgin oil with 1 handful of pre-washed and dried curry leaves. When the oil turns into green in colour, apply it on your scalp.

6. Promotes hair growth:
Curry leaves are rich in Vitamin B which strengthens the roots of your hair to promote smooth hair growth. Jut blend yoghurt with few curry leaves and use it as hair mask for at least 20 minutes.


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7. Controls frizz:
Boil 2 cups of water and then add ½ cup of curry leaves to it. When the water reduces to half, turn off the heat and cool. Rinse your hair with this blend after you’re done with shampooing. This will help in controlling frizz.

8. Prevents hair fall:
Say goodbye to hair fall with curry leaves. Add 3 curry leaves to few drops of milk and massage your scalp with this blend. Wait 30 minutes before washing off.

9. Hair repair:
Curry leaves help to fortify the hair follicles by making them stronger and nourished. When you include them regularly in your hair treatment regime, it will aid repair and promote growth.

10. Protects the hair shaft:
The area above the scalp is called as hair shaft. Curry leaves are known to not only protect the hair roots but also the shafts. They have Vitamin B6 which acts as a hormone regulator in the treatment of hair fall.

Other ways of using curry leaves:

Apart from using curry leaves as hair mask, there are other substitutes as well.
a. Diet:
Almost a staple in the south of India, when you make curry leaves a part of your regular diet, you will not be able to ignore the results in the form of stronger, thicker and shinier hair.
b. Tea:
Don’t be surprised that you can also make tea out of curry leaves. All of you need for this is water, lime, sugar and curry leaves. Boil all of them together and your tea is prepared. For better results, have it every day for 2 weeks.

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