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5 Irresistible Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

Are fancy updo hairstyles only the privilege of long hair? What if we told you that even you, with your short hairstyle, can sport beautiful hairdos, even those traditionally reserved for longer tresses? Read on and experiment.

Chic, trendy, smart, stunning – some of the words that come to mind when people see your short hairstyle. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that there’s not much that can be done to short hair. Long hair can be braided, twisted into a bun, piled up in a knot or tied in a ponytail. Short hair pulled the shorter end of the straw, didn’t it?

Not really. Here are some beautiful updos for short hair. We spoke with hairstylists and researched online to present to you these easy updos for short hair.

5 Easy Updo Hairstyles For Short Hair

#1 The double braided updo

Double Braided Updo Hairstyle

A hairstyle good enough for the red carpet, this is easy and looks immensely glamourous.

Creating the look:

  1. Part your hair in the centre.
  2. Take the hair from one side and starting from the front, style your hair in a French braid.
  3. Leave it close to the head as you make your way to the back.
  4. Secure the end of the braid with pins.
  5. Repeat this on the other side.
  6. Twist and pin any stray hair at the nape.

#2 Soft and feminine updo

Soft & Feminine Updo

Short hair has a tendency to make you look tomboyish. You can soften the look with this feminine updo.

Creating the look:

  1. Wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care.
  2. Add curls or waves to your hair using a curling wand.
  3. Gently backcomb the hair from the crown. Don’t overdo it. You want to look casually feminine.
  4. Make a side parting.
  5. Gather random sections of hair and pin them in the back and at the nape.
  6. Leave a few tendrils to softly frame your face to really create the feminine vibe.
  7. Set the style with a light hairspray.

#3 Three Twisted Buns

Three Twisted Bun

One of the funkier updo hairstyles for short hair is the three twisted buns. While this is often seen in longer hair, you can easily replicate it for short hair too.

Creating the look:

  1. Comb out all knots and make three low ponytails.
  2. Twist each into a bun, and tuck and secure with hair pins.
  3. Let stray strands float around – it just makes the look softer.

A quirky take on the twisted buns is to make three ponytails vertically

#4 Faux Bouffant

Faux Bouffant

This throwback to the 70s hairstyle will have heads turning in amazement. It requires some time, so don’t plan for this on the day you’re running late.

Creating the look:

  1. Pick the day your hair is unwashed and limp.
  2. Spray it liberally with dry shampoo.
  3. Tease the hair at the crown into a bouffant.
  4. Smoothen the top layer.
  5. Secure all loose ends with hair pins.
  6. Take hair from one side and pull it back, pinning it along the teased hair to blend in.
  7. Leave the hair on one side loose to frame your face.
  8. Pin up all loose hair from the back so it’s off your nape.
  9. As an option, take a scarf and cover your hair from underneath and tie two tight knots on top.
  10. Tuck the loose ends into the teased hair.

#5 The No-Updo Updo

Do you have really curly or wiry hair, and it’s too short for any of these hairstyles? Fret not. How about a no-updo updo? Simply push all hair back with a broad hairband and let the hair rise up and speak for itself.
There you go, short hair updos that will take the ‘what-can-I-do’ out of your mind and turn it into 5 stunning looks that you can flaunt at work, at play and even formal occasions.

Also, check out these braided hairstyles for short hair here at Reward Me.

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