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5 Step Guide To Blow Drying Hair At Home Like A Professional

If you do not blow dry hair at home the right way you could do it more harm than good. What’s more, salons charge quite a bit for a process that you can just as easily do the blow drying at home once you know how to.

Whether you want volume or want your hair to stay in place for longer, blow drying works wonders. That being said, blow drying uses heat and not using heat correctly could cause your hair to get damaged and dry.

Learn How to Blow Dry Hair Correctly in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1:
Begin by washing your hair with a nourishing shampoo. Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care range of shampoos and conditioners is a good choice as it nourishes your hair deeply.
Post the wash, towel dry your hair. Now, flip your locks to the front and use a small amount of heat protection cream from the roots to the tips. Try and prevent it from touching your scalp; it will only lead to greasiness.

Step 2:
Keeping your hair as it is, namely, flipped out to the front, start blow drying it. Ensure that you keep the blow dryer’s nozzle at least ten inches away from your hair. Blow dry from the roots to the tips moving along your hair shaft, not against it.

Step 3:
To ensure that you are thoroughly blow drying your hair, move your locks to the side and inspect all the sections with your fingers to see if you missed a spot. Now that you’ve spotted the less dry portions simply let the blow dryer’s nozzle follow your fingers.

Step 4:
When your hair is roughly 70% dry, divide it into two equal halves, one in the front and the other out back. Take the front half and further divide it into 3 sections. Using a paddle brush in one hand, follow the brush with the blow dryer in your other hand, always keeping the nozzle in the direction of your hair shift, not against it. That done, repeat the steps for the back section of your hair.

Step 5:
You’re almost done! Now, all you have to do is use a blast of cold air to seal your cuticles and then spritz it with some shine spray.


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