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Conditioner Makes Hair Greasy

Natural oils from your head make hair greasy over time. Using the WRONG conditioner can make hair instantly greasy. Luckily Pantene has the right conditioner for YOUR hair…with smart conditioner technology that gives your hair what it needs, then rinses away.

Grease alert! The natural oils from your head can build up in just a few days. And using the WRONG conditioner can INSTANTLY weigh downyour hair — like girls with fine hair should not be using a heavy conditioner. But the new Pantene conditioner comes in a tailored range: from rich conditioners for curly or damaged hair… to lightweight conditioners for thin or fine hair. And the Pantene PRO-V Formula has smart technology, so it knows what your hair needs and where. Any excess just rinses weightlessly away! That makes it the PERFECT conditioner for greasy g y hair. One more secret to oil-free conditioning is HOW you use it. Don’t just dump conditioner on top of your head. insted, apply it to the tips and work your way back up towards the roots. Gently finger combing as you rinse it out. You’ll be amazed at how strong and beautiful it makes your hair.

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