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Conditioner Only Works In the Shower

Pantene Conditioners keep on working for you even after you rinse. The smart PRO-V Formula goes to the core and strengthens weak spots against all day long damage.

Some people think that as soon as you rinse out your conditioner, all the goodness grinds to a halt. But Pantene conditioners keep on working for you after your hair is dry. That’s because Pantene PRO-V Formula conditioners have smart technology that micro-targets weak spots. They work inside and out to protect wet hair against damage of towel drying, blow drying and styling. And as your hair dries, this advanced conditioning formula will smooth any rough spots – So it’s easier to get the look you want. Who wants more manageable hair?! Raise your hands! Plus the PRO-V Formula conditioner keeps working for you throughout the day. Super soft, strong, beautiful hair? Yes, please!

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