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Learn About Different Bangs Styles – Long, Straight, Asymmetrical!

Bangs look cute and add a whole new character to your face. You can use them to soften your features or to draw attention towards a part of your face. But it’s not entirely a cakewalk. Are you really ready for bangs?

Bangs, or fringes, or flicks as we call them here in India, can make a dramatic difference to a person’s face. You can look cute and girly, or hot and sexy, depending on how your stylist plays with your hair.

We’re quite sure you’ve been tempted to go snip-snip at least once in your life. Bangs look deceptively sweet and simple, but it’s a style that’s really difficult to undo or clean up. Why don’t you spend a moment reading this article before you decide to take the plunge?

9 Must Know Things Before Getting Bangs Hairstyle

#1. Bangs styles are not easy
You can’t just wash your hair and step out. Your bangs need to be styled every time, all the time – in the morning, at night, while at the gym, after workout, before you head out for dinner, and back again the next day. If you want your bangs to look pretty, you need to invest the time and energy.

#2. Bangs hair grows faster than the rest of the cut
There’s nothing worse than overgrown bangs. Do you live close enough to the salon to get a regular trim? Many salons offer free trims between cuts. Get one every 2-3 weeks.

#3. Put that scissor down!
Don’t be tempted to cut or trim your own bangs. It might seem like a straight cut, but it rarely is. It needs skill and sharp scissors. Make the time and get it done by a professional.

#4. Can curly hair get bangs?
You don’t need straight bangs to look awesome. Curly hair too can enjoy bangs. It’s just that you need more care and more products to keep the bangs styled the way they’re meant to be.

#5. Oily hair
Since bangs rest on the oiliest part of your face, they will get oily faster. The good news is that you can wash just your bangs bent over the kitchen sink.

#6. Growing out bangs takes time
You will someday get tired of the same look. While smaller trims seem to come by faster, growing out the bangs will take time. Be patient.

#7. One style doesn’t fit all
Your hair texture and type will determine what kind of bang will work for you. Thick hair can carry off blunt or heavy bangs, while fine hair looks better with softer, side-sweeping bangs.
The health of your hair also matters. Make sure your hair isn’t dry or damaged. We recommend using Pantene Pro-V Long Black to first nourish and improve hair quality.

#8. What’s the shape of your face?
Understand the shape and features of your face while choosing your style. The next point gives you some tips.

#9 Choosing your style

  1. Side swept Bangs: Makes you look soft and feminine. You can try these long bangs if you have a high forehead and want to draw attention away. Also works for heart-shaped faces.
  2. Scene Bangs: Similar to the above type, but thicker and much more uneven. Perfect for a square face.
  3. Blunt Bangs: The look Lady Gaga has? Also how your mother probably cut your hair as a kid. Try this only if you have an oval or heart-shaped face. People with a square face should not opt for this look.
  4. Wispy Bangs: Very thin, very stylised and very flattering. Looks wonderful on round faces. People with a heavy forehead or square face structure should not try this style.
  5. Pixie Bangs: Perfect for really short hair. You can flaunt this if you have a round face.
  6. Asymmetrical Bangs: Have to be done with care as not everyone can carry off the look. You must try this if you have a small forehead.
  7. Curved Bangs: Frame your face with these cute symmetrical bangs. Round faces look best with this style.

Remember, you won’t know if you can carry off bangs unless you try them. After all, it’s just a question of a few months if you don’t like it. And if you do, well, it’s a gorgeous new you.

Also, check out this video tutorial to make fake bangs when you have long hair.

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