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Look Permanently Glamorous With Temporary Bridal Hair Colour

Add a splash of hair colour for your wedding to glam up the look on your special day. But choosing the perfect colour isn’t that easy. And what if you hate the look! Disaster!

From the moment you say ‘I do’ to his proposal, you begin planning for your special day. The first thing you need to do is block your regular salon for your hairstyle and bridal hair colour. Yes, whether it is to cover greys, colour your roots, or get a new look, you need to plan for it well in advance.

Have you given a thought to temporary hair colour?

Instead of a permanent colour that will stay in your hair for months, you can experiment with a temporary colour, or a rinse, that will give you the freedom to choose from countless shades that will be washed away in a few washes. Perfect for when you want to up the oomph quotient of your wedding day with a hair colour that complements your entire wedding ensemble.

Unlike permanent hair colour, temporary hair color just colours by coating the hair strand and not by breaching the cuticle. Are you ready to experiment and pick a colour that will suit your skin tone and eye colour?

You can go one way – either complement the colour or contrast it to your skin tone and eye colour. Indians naturally have dark hair, so that limits your choice to a certain extent, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Our Top Hair Colour Ideas:

1. Light brown eyes and light skin
You are the luckiest of them all. Anything from a light blonde to medium brown will make you look fabulous

2. Light brown eyes with medium and dark skin tone
Use warmer colours like a medium blonde or medium brown. You can also carry off blonde highlights amazingly.

3. Dark brown eyes with light skin tone
Let your colour stay as close to the natural shade. If you do wish to experiment, try low lights instead of highlights to maintain the existing contrast.

4.Dark brown eyes with medium dark skin tone
If you’re getting married in summer you can use cooler shades, and in winter you can carry warmer colours. Dark and light browns, and amber will look stunning on you.

5.Dark brown eyes with dark skin tone
Avoid light shades. Stay with darker hair colours, like dark brown or black.

6.Grey eyes
You can carry off anything – reds, dark browns, black or highlights. Try and create contrast between your eyes and hair colour.

When should you colour your hair?

At the beginning of the article we spoke about fixing an appointment right away. And for good reason.

  • If you have several months to your wedding, you can play with a few colours and decide. If something goes wrong, you can start all over.
  • If the D-day isn’t too far, we suggest not going too far away from your comfort zone. You might not be able to get an unpleasant colour out quickly enough and look the way you want to.
  • If you’ve never coloured your hair, a few weeks before your wedding isn’t the time for it. Use a natural gloss that will add a shine to it and make the natural colour pop.
  • Don’t change your current hair stylist just before your wedding.
  • Don’t get the final colour more than two weeks or less than a week before the wedding. The colour will fade a bit and not look its best, or give it the just-coloured look. A week before the wedding is idea.
  • Use a good shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care before and after the coluring as it protects your hair from breakage or damage.
  • And oh, book your final appointment also well in advance. You wouldn’t want the hair colourist to be busy on that one day when you need her.

Now for some good and the bad news.

The pros of temporary hair colour:

  1. Because it is not permanent, it isn’t as harsh as permanent hair colour.
  2. Since the colour coats your hair, it makes it appear temporarily thicker.
  3. If you’ve bonded or relaxed your hair, this is a relatively safer hair colouring technique.

The cons of temporary hair colour:

  1. You have a limited choice. Even though rinses are available in many colours, you can’t drastically alter your hair colour with them.
  2. As the name suggests, the colour doesn’t last long and is gone in 2-4 washes.
  3. It doesn’t cover grey hair as well as permanent colours.

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