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Make Braiding Hair An Easy Activity With These 10 Hair Braiding Tips

Longing to braid your hair in the latest style but not sure how to work with your hair? Well, these braiding tips and tricks will help you braid your hair easily.

Braided hairstyles are all the rage and are all the more popular thanks to Catniss in The Hunger Games and Khalessi in the Game of Thrones. They look classy, stylish and boho. You can pair them with a dress or a pair of jeans and tee or a skirt, and make them work. And most braids are not so complicated to style. Just pick a braided hairstyle that goes with your hair texture and length for best results.
Hair products from Pantene can help you manage your hair, and hair spray and serum are good to keep them in place. In addition to this, some bobby pins and hair ties are all that are needed. There are other rules to the braiding hair game.

10 Essential Braiding Tips

1. Control Frizz:
A great way to control frizz is to use products for frizzy hair like shampoos, conditioners and hair serum. A drop of baby oil can be used to tame the frizz. Silk pillowcases also help.

2. Keep flyaways in check:
Apart from serum, another way to keep the flyaways in order is to braid hair when it is damp.

3. Tip for women with layered hair:
It can be tough to braid your hair if you have a layered or textured haircut. You can work with this type of hair more easily on the days after you’ve washed your hair. A good round of hair spray will help before you start braiding. Unwashed hair days and bad hair days are also ideal for a messy braid hair crown look.

4. Tip for a braiding beginner:
If you are a newbie, you can start by watching online tutorials on hair braids that show you how to braid your hair from three-part braids to fishtails and the more complicated French braids. Sitting in front of a mirror will help while braiding.

5. Braiding tips for a long lasting braided hairstyle:
While messy hair-dos are all the fashion, if you want something that stays in place and tame, you should try braided styles like fishtail and halo braid that will keep your hair in place for longer. You can also remove them after a day or two and play with the waves they create.

6. Add fun to the plain braid:
Use colourful bands for a fun and peppy multiple-braid style and a clear hair tie for buns. You can also use some fun clips or a fresh flower to enhance the look of a braided chignon.

7. Braided headband:
If you want to create a braided headband hairstyle, straighten your hair first.

Check out this video tutorial on how to make waterfall braid here.

8. Fishtail braid:
Side fishtail braids are ideal for long hair but not too-straight hair. If you have straight strands, a curling iron can be used to create some wave.

9. Types of combs to use to make the perfect braid:
Combs are preferable to hair brushes when working with your hair to create a braid. Fine-tooth comb also helps in teasing out the hair so that it does not look too neat. If the hair on your crown is too flat, you can backcomb it to create volume.

10. Last Resort:
If you are still struggling to braid your hair, try twisting your hair instead. They are very close to the braided look.
These are just a few ways to make braiding your hair easy. So get started already and happy braiding!

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