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Stepwise Dutch Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

The Dutch braid hairstyle looks fantastic and its many variations are all the rage. For those of you ladies who want to wear it but don’t know how, this Dutch braid tutorial shows you how to ace it.

If you are bored of the same old braids and want to try out something new, why not go for the Dutch braids? These braids, like other braids, can be worn in different ways. You can do it the regular way or could wear it on the side, in a high bun or ponytail, on your crown, or go the Mohawk way. While it looks rather complex, a Dutch braid is quite simple, and once you do it a couple of times, it will be easy breezy. If you have done the French braid before, this should not be a toughie. You can get started with this Dutch braid tutorial step-by-step, and once you are comfortable, you could go on and add a few more twists.

How to Make Dutch Braid

  1. Start by lifting a section of your hair from the top of your head in the center.
  2. Divide this section into three parts – left, middle and right. You are now ready to start braiding.
  3. When braiding this section, remember to cross the hair under the middle part, not over it. That is, the right part goes under the middle part, the left under the middle, and so on. Make sure you pull the parts tightly.
  4. As you continue braiding, keep pulling in more hair from the roots, alternating with the right and the left side, and weave it under the middle part. You need to follow the same pattern.
  5. Once you reach an inch or two above the ends of your hair, you can tie it with a clear band or use a band that is the same color as your hair.
  6. Using a light mist of hairspray will help hold the hair in place.
  7. On summer days, you can just twist the braid into a bun, and use a pin to hold it. This will allow the nape of your neck to breathe, and the hairstyle will look chic.

So what’s better than a Dutch braid? A double Dutch braid! To get this look, follow these steps:

How to Make Double Dutch Braid

  1. You can start by parting your hair in the center.
  2. Keep the left section clipped while you work on the right.
  3. You can take one section and start as earlier.
  4. Once you have a Dutch braid on the right side, unclip the section on your left, and braid that too.

Once the basic Dutch braid is mastered, it will get easier for you to work it into a side braid, a braided ponytail, or a wear it as a headband. If you are struggling with unruly hair, try a good shampoo like Pantene Pro V Silky Smooth Care that makes hair more manageable. Some neat ways to jazz up the look is to pin flowers – real or artificial, and use sparkly hair clips that can be worn close to the temple or near the base at the back. Now that you can wear a Dutch braid like a pro, go on and take it up a notch to create your signature style.

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