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The 7 Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Traveling According to Reddit

If you ask me, packing (and subsequently unpacking when you get home) is arguably the worst part of traveling. Trying to decide exactly how many and exactly which shoes, lipsticks, and dresses to bring is just as hard as picking Betty or Veronica as your favorite Riverdale character. When a Redditor known as meowziz noticed their go-to Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette was a little too large to pack, they asked fellow members of the MakeupAddiction Subreddit, “What’s a good small eyeshadow palette for traveling?” With this request, the user also added a couple stipulations: “I want something that would easily fit in my purse and that I wouldn’t be afraid of breaking” and “I enjoy neutral and warm toned colors.” Several Redditors noted this request and gave their suggestions for the best eyeshadow palettes for traveling. Happily, seven tiny kits repeatedly came up. These are sure to make packing eye shadow the easiest part of traveling.

Although we’d argue that all of Too Faced’s eye shadow palettes are travel-friendly, this one was the most popular among Redditors. On user called Squirdle wrote, “You can’t go wrong with the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. It is small, in a metal palette so very durable, has a mirror, and has everything you need for an everyday or dramatic look.”

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