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3 Must Try DIY Homemade Natural Body Wash

Make your own body wash and customize your skin care today! Here are some easy recipes to follow.

Making your own homemade body wash comes with the benefits of being able to identify and control each and every ingredient that’s going to come into contact with your skin. This is especially great because it allows you to customize your own skin care in a way that not only cleans your skin but also attends to your skin’s needs. Here are a few recipes for a homemade body wash designed for your own skin:

Top 3 Homemade Body Washes Using Natural Ingredients

1. The Honey Body Wash

Honey is a great astringent and this body wash is ideal for those with sensitive skin. All you need for this recipe are raw honey, castile soap in its liquid form (you can get this from any grocery store), coconut oil, and any essential oil of your choice.


  • To start, heat up your coconut oil on a pan or in a microwave.
  • Add the raw honey and essential oils to it. Whisk the mixture slowly while adding the castile soap.
  • If you whisk it too quickly, you might end up creating soap suds, which will make it difficult to store the wash.
  • Once you’re done, store it in a jar or bottle of your choice.
  • Shake it well before using it.

2. The Glycerine Body Wash

Glycerine is a great ingredient for dry skin and this is a homemade body wash recipe that is ideal for skin that screams for moisture. For this DIY body wash, all you need is glycerine, castile soap (you can use either liquid form or bar form), and glycerine.


  • Heat up the water in a sauce pan.
  • Add the castile soap to it slowly while stirring continuously.
  • Add two tablespoons of glycerine to the mix once you’re done.
  • Cover the mixture and let it set for at least a day.
  • Transfer the contents into a mason jar or any other jar of your choice.
  • If you want a body wash that has a scent, you can add an extract or essential oil of your choice.

3. The Strawberry Body Wash

Strawberry has a ton of skin care benefits. It can soothe irritated skin, moisturize dry skin, lighten and remove pigmentation, and even give your skin a lovely rosy glow. Thus, when you’re making a natural body wash with a fruity kick, strawberries are a no brainer. For this recipe, you will need strawberry essence, pink food colouring (this is optional. You can use it if you want your body wash to have a pink tinge), castile soap and coconut oil.


  • Heat the coconut oil and add the strawberry essence and a drop of pink colouring.
  • Whisk it while you add the castile soap.
  • Allow the mixture to cool before you add it to a container of your choice.
  • Shake it well before you use it.
  • If you’re not a strawberry girl, you can replace the strawberry essence with peppermint oil for a body wash that soothes your skin.
  • Make sure to use green food colouring for this one!

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