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4 Significant Home Remedies For Skin Irritation On Face & Skin

If you’re reading this, you probably clocked up more trips to the dermatologist’s office by the time you were twelve than most people do in a lifetime. From pet-induced rashes and random itchiness to eczema flare-ups and acne that manages to pop up just the night before a big event, you’ve pretty much seen it all.

But here’s the good news: You aren’t the only one and you don’t have to rush to your local dermatologist every time you experience skin irritation on face.

There’re plenty of home remedies for skin irritation that are not only effective but also actually help prevent chronic flare-ups when you make a regimen out of them. So let’s look at the usual suspects and address them, shall we?

4 Home Remedies for Skin Irritation

#1 Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:

Hello, soft, supple skin! Whether your complaint is a chronic case of eczema – the cause of which remains unknown but mostly attributed to genetics (congratulations!) – or just plain old-fashioned dry skin leading to cracks and itchiness, you’ll find that applying extra virgin coconut oil twice a day, in addition to your regular Olay Total Effects 7 in One Day Cream, is an excellent skin irritation treatment. It takes almost no effort at all and you should see the difference in 4 weeks!

#2 Aloe Vera Gel:

This all-round super plant is a must-have in your garden (even if you don’t have a garden) if you have allergy or irritation-prone skin.

  • Aloe Vera gel is nature’s one-stop solution for everything from cuts and burns to itchiness and rashes.
  • All you need to do is slit open the fleshy aloe leaf with a blade, squeeze out the gel and directly apply it on the affected area.
  • Aloe gel has an instant cooling effect on the skin that you’ll find immensely soothing if you’ve been dying to scratch the affected spot to your heart’s content.
  • What’s more, this is probably the most low-maintenance plant out there, so it really makes sense to get one instead of those readymade packaged gels.

#3 Fuller’s Earth and Rose Water:

  • If you’ve got a chronic case of stress acne and to make matters worse, work in a fast paced stress-inducing environment, you’re going to need your regular dose of fuller’s earth.
  • This amazing (and bonus: great smelling) multani mitti and rose water mudpack unclogs your pores and absorbs excess oil, thereby preventing acne breakouts.
  • Just make sure to apply the pack once a week and you’re sorted.

#4 Toothpaste: Now this interesting skin-hack is only meant for those situations where you might require an overnight miracle.

  • You know those solitary pimples that pop up a couple of nights before a big event? You can’t possibly hope to treat them with fuller’s earth.
  • You’re going to need something that works a lot faster (though keep in mind, this is only treating the symptom): toothpaste.
  • Just take a little bit of toothpaste and apply it on your pimple and leave it for a couple of hours. Watch the magic work overnight!

Of course, needless to say, if skin irritation persists or gets aggravated, you absolutely have to see a doctor. But if chronic skin flare-ups are something you’ve been used to, these skin irritation remedies should, by themselves, work wonders. As you’ll soon see every morning when you have that long talk in front of the bathroom mirror!

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