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Explore 10 Benefits Of Tulsi For Healthy Skin & Hair

Tulsi is packed with vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and phyto nutrients. Hence, the benefits of tulsi are many. Discover the simple ways in which tulsi can be used for healthy skin and hair.

Tulsi or holy basil is known for its numerous benefits for health and beauty. The medicinal herb can be used for everything from a cough to heart diseases. It is known to strengthen immunity, and is antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral. Owing to its properties, tulsi can help you treat a variety of skin and hair issues. It is often recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners.

10 Interesting Benefits Of Tulsi:

  • It is a detoxifying agent.
  • Tulsi is used to purify and cleanse.
  • It soothes inflammation.
  • It is known as an antioxidant.
  • It works as an antibiotic.
  • It possesses antibacterial properties.
  • Tulsi regulates uric acid levels in the body.
  • It is known as an adaptogen.
  • It strengthens immunity.
  • It facilitates digestion.

4 Amazing Ways To Use Tulsi For Skin Care Problems:

Tulsi is great for the skin when used externally and when consumed. You can chew its leaves or boil it to make tea. Tulsi can be used to treat acne and scars, skin infections, lighten dark spots, and improve skin texture.

  1. A simple way to apply tulsi is to make a paste with its leaves and water.
  2. This paste can be applied on the face and neck, left on for 10-15 minutes, and washed off with lukewarm water.
  3. To treat blackheads, the top side of its leaf can be dampened and placed on the areas where blackheads appear for a few minutes and removed.
  4. If you suffer from acne, boil tulsi leaves in water, cool, and use as toner.

Tulsi is also available in powder form and this can again be rubbed into your skin after mixing it with water. You could also consider using the powdered basil as loose powder. You can use the herb with other ingredients like egg white, which can help tighten pores, or with sandalwood and rose water to soothe irritations.

How To Use Tulsi For Hair Care:

  1. Your skin is not the only thing that benefits from tulsi. The herb is known to be useful in strengthening hair to reduce hair loss and thinning, to treat dandruff, and to keep your hair from greying.
  2. Its leaves can be soaked in your hair oil for a while before you apply it on your scalp and hair. Or you could mix tulsi oil with another oil like coconut, and use it to massage your hair.
  3. Dried leaves can be powdered and mixed with amla powder for a double dose of vitamin C.
  4. You can also mix tulsi with neem and hibiscus.
  5. It is a good idea to wash off the packs with a good shampoo like Pantene Pro V Total Damage Care.
  6. These packs serve to make hair stronger, healthier and shinier.

Tulsi uses are many. These are just a few. But you can’t go wrong with this wonder herb whichever way you choose to use it.

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